CISL OFFICE | 2002 Vicenza

The special geometry of the site, the encounter with the built surrounding and the representational character of the office found a compositional synthesis in the proposed solution of a large transparent solid, almost a cube, suspended on a large and welcoming public plan. Here the green wedges become the defining elements of space in a wide central patio, around which one can overlook the different functions. The continuity between interior and exterior spaces allows you to use the residual spaces, given from the urbanistic restrictions of the area, through the green areas and the paving. The lowered level reduces the volumetric impact of the large area required, facilitating the creation of a place identified and delimited by the new volume and the supporting walls of the same height.

National Competition
: 2.700 sqm
with: Arch. Marcello Michelotti, Arch. Mara Filippi