LAURA PERETTI Architects is involved in Architectural design. Architecture is seen as a dense object, defined between urban planning, landscape and the smallest scale of interior design. The daily work is constantly oriented by the certainty that a formal and conceptual predetermined solution does not exist. A predefined “style” cannot exhiust either as each project is born as unique and original, being the result of a deep analysis and of a continuous dialogue between the natural interlocutors of the design process: customers, consultants, companies and final users.

We believe in high quality design as an instrument for reaching the best possible union between beauty and funcitionality, whit a particular attention for the nature of the site whether urban or natural.

LAURA PERETTI Architects is involved as well in graphics, set up of expositions and retail stands. The studio won many different national and international competitions and received mentions and awards. Some of our works have been published in different architectural magazines.


  • Capability management and coordination of complex projects at different scales of design
  • Capability management and coordination of complex projects in an international contest
  • Management of european and internationalbuilding regulations
  • Capability of coordination among the various stages of the process (project management), from research to investors feasibility study, from design to implementation
  • Architectural design till the scale of detail, plant and structural drawings
  • Beware of sustainable systems and self-sufficient energy system design
  • Integration of architectural design and landscaping
  • Capability to manage technical aspects of the quality and construction of the building site
  • Coordination of the image from graphic design to architecture
  • Speed of execution of the feasibility studies
  • Fast and on-time deliveries