“LE ISOLE” RESIDENCE | 2007 Arbus, Sardinis – Italy

The valley on which this area of housing development is located enjoys a unique geographical situation, open to the sea and to the natural confluence of two watersheds, a sort of basin which you may overlook, framed by ridges that run lengthwise, the peak of Arcuentu. The building gathers in six major units / islands mainly on a single level. Leaning lightly on the ground, the “islands” float in the valley with an apparently free position, while searching for the best connection to the slight slope to less disturb the site. The buildings are located along a great circle line at the edge of this natural amphitheatre, highlighting the shape, and each island is related to the land according to its position in the section. The roof system is transformable according to the possibility for a garden, water bath, terrace from which one can admire the landscape. The materials will be respectful to the local characteristics, using wood, stone and aggregate for concrete derived from local quarries.

area: 7.120 sqm

Project: Laura Peretti and Stefano Ghiretti