CAPITELLO GARDEN SQUARE | 2003-2004 Caldogno

Arising from the potential of a space in front of a school whose restructuration was planned to be only internal, the project reconfigures the bus roundabout next to the provincial road as a public garden-square space. The continuity of the empty space enclosed by the nursery with that of the new tree-lined square is underlined by the continuous pavement between interior and exterior, as well as the use of the same elements (low walls) and of the same materials (stone, brick and ribbed concrete).

The capital of the Capovilla Madonna, the only pre-existing not formally qualified but very connoted in the collective consciousness of the small town, so relocated in an intimate space also outside traffic flow. Two perimeters enclose the garden: a low stone that acts as a seat in the garden and even containment of road space towards the road, and the other more plane formed by the tops of the trees, intended on the one hand to create the ‘ shadow and the other to reduce the impact of the capital the same without him from the religious function of the local community.

area: 650sqm