HOUSING – VALLECAS | 2010 Madrid – Spain

The linear pattern required by the master plan of Vallecas is followed seeking a different proportion of length, height and direction of the apartments, which is determined by the axis north south of the “diagonal” Calle de Martinez de la Riva. The length of the building is divided into narrow units, vertical compared to the fabric of the neighbouring blocks, whose continuous front is developed by addition of individual units.
The bearing walls, urban matrix of the depth of the lot, are rotated to capture a better orientation and to dialogue – as difference – with the length of the buildings linearly positioned in the plan, creating a front to the opening of the main urban area in the park towards which the building heads.
This breakdown by units also allows:
– A bearing system with walls or pillars and walls, extremely efficient and simple that evens out all the dimensions of the constructive elements such as those of the façade.
– The concentration of the entire vertical distribution in just 3 blocks
– Possibility of cross ventilation for all apartments, boosted by the sliding of the main facades and internal courtyard openings which enhance the natural cooling
– A ground floor made to generate the design of private and public outdoor spaces as an extension of verticality in plan, according to a coherent system of walkways and driveways in relation to public space and the crossings of the building
– A flexibility in the cladding elements of the façade that can be chosen by the client, as a possible response to a growing need for individuality in apartment buildings, without altering the strength of the structural system and the living qualities of the housing.

International Competition
2° premio