SOCIAL HOUSING | 2007-2009 Ceuta – Spagna

The buildings are arranged at right angles to the main road, in a parallel order forming a rhythmic perspective along the access to the hospital; the buildings recede alternately to make room for public squares onto which the commercial actors are turned. The main direction of the project is the axis north-east / south-west, an option to ensure an excellent exposure for the housing. The arrangement of the volumes defines two types of “urban fabric”: an external part consists of alternating high blocks that closes the buildings to the city and an interior part characterized by linear homes served by exterior corridors. The public space have been design with extreme attention, thought to be a social space for relationship and integration between the different nationalities of the inhabitants: the curved building houses a Turkish bath in the end part instead of shopping facilities, and along the roads gardens alternate communicating with each other via a continuous passage going east / west, in order to facilitate the continuity of outdoor life as usually is done in neighbouring Morocco. The materials provided are those of simple Mediterranean architecture, with walls in natural lime plaster, with light earthy colours. The only accent in an architecture intended liveable and recognizable, but in no way anonymous, will be that of the seven narrow and high urban facades facing south, perhaps covered with indigo-coloured glazed tiles. Their design in a modern way uses perforated three-dimensional surfaces to focus the attention on the sunshine and reflects upon the presence of frescoes in the local architecture. From the inside of the balconies, reflecting the celestial light of the sky, the light blue of the sea is visible.

Internazional Competition “Viva – Hacemos Ciudad”
Customer: Sepes, Ministerio da Vivienda – Espanha
Project area: 12.500 sq.m.
Project: Laura Peretti and Stefano Ghiretti

Ivan Contreras
Eleonora Maccari
Cecilia Montalbotti
Davide Orchidea
Stefano Villani
Edoardo Weber
Structure: ing. Jorge Nunes GOP
Installations: ing. Mario Abajo MAPROING
Calculations: Francisco M. Gallego
Sociologist: Khaled Fuad Allam