Photos from the presentation of “Regenerate Corviale” at the University Sapienza, Rome

Photos from the conference “Progetto Corviale”.
The conference took place the 6th of December, at the Sapienza university, Rome

Ph: Claudia Pasquali

From the left: Franco Mazzetto, general manager ATER Roma; arch. Antonietta Piscioneri, Regione Lazio; prof. Ruggero Lenci, organizer of the conference; arch. Daniel Modigliani

Arch. Laura Peretti presents the winning proposal for the competition “Rigenerare Corviale”.

Prof. Ruggero Lenci, organizer of the conference.

Arch. Daniel Modigliani.

Arch. Antonietta Piscioneri.

Arch. Michele Beccu presents the proposal from ABDR.

Arch. Laura Thermes.

Arch. Guendalina Salimei with the project “Chilometro Verde”.

The audience of the conference.