COSTA VERDE LANDSCAPE PLAN | 2007 Arbus, Sardinia – Italy

The landscape category seen as a potential continuous public space, offers insight into the existing and new buildings in an overall plan in which open spaces and manmade spaces are reconfigured according to a “rewriting of places” that goes from the coast to inside the territory. As deduced from the area analysis (described by Costa Verde Atlas) – forming an integral part of the plan, the pieces of redevelopment are essentially: 1. the existing buildings; 2. nature; 3. infrastructural network; 4. margins; 5. residual spaces. Through the reading of the territory, strict principles of settlement are established, respecting the environment and landscape character of an area to allow the development to remain in equilibrium with the existing environment.

Private commission
1600 ha
new buildings: 200.000 mc
Ambiente Italia
Infrastructure – Systematica
Landscape arch. Mara Filippi
Eng. Stefano Lampis
Eng. Antonio Melis