The project is defined by the 3 altitudes established by the pre-existing archaeological ground:
a) that of the temple base and the road (110.50) that becomes the visual backdrop and is the vanishing point of the whole path.
b) that of the muros de contencion on the intermediate terrace emerging from 108 and around which the basement space gathers on a level of 116.50, corresponding to that of the external toward the Huerta.
c) that of Huerta’s current level, overlapping and partly coinciding with the level 105/103 of the Circus Maximus.
The RAMP DE LA HUERTA makes the interior garden accessible to all users, with a fluid and direct path that while narratively passing all the historical unevenness brings out the old premises and interacts with the existing minor: adjacent facades and traces of demolished houses, courtyards and gardens of Huerta and vegetation of the neighbouring patios.
The linearity of the longitudinal and direct movement of the ramp is constantly punctuated by events that accompany it and that can reverse or divert its direction, often with double possibilities – paso doble – or even multiple choices, placed at the situations that cross this path.
At a large scale the sign folds twice to form what are the main events: the watershed of the substructures and the exhibition square.

Project: Laura Peretti and Stefano Ghiretti